Toshiba Satellite P505 notebook computer By Heath McKnight The Toshiba Satellite P505 is one of the best Windows-based laptops I've had the pleasure of reviewing. With its beautiful, large display, excellent Harmon/Kardon speakers, large hard drive,and blazing fast processor and graphics, this is a top-notch laptop that will fit virtually anyone's mobile computing needs. From the student all the way to professionals, this is a great system. ...Read More »
Book Excerpt: to Switching to the Mac By Gary Rosenzweig So you've decided to buy a Mac. Congratulations! Macs are great computers and your Mac will soon be a valuable tool for work, recreation, and communication. Perhaps, however, you're not sure which Mac to buy.You are not alone.There are many choices.Most people who switch to Mac have this same question. Which one? You've got three major choices in a desktop machine: the Mac mini, the iMac, and the Mac Pro. And you have three choices in a notebook: the MacBook,MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air. ...Read More »
AOC F22 22-inch widescreen LCD display By John Virata With more people foregoing the traditional desktop computer in favor of notebook computers, many of these same users are also buying external displays to complement their notebooks. What the external display essentially does is gives the user two computers in one; the portability of a notebook with the expanded visual real estate that desktops have. AOC, a third tier display manufacturer offers up the F19 and F22 series of designed LCD displays. These displays are not your plain vanilla display. ...Read More »
My New iPhone By John Virata Just bought an iPhone and want to know more about what it can do and how to fully exploit its use for your digital pleasure? My New iPhone by Wallace Wang is a pretty good book to get you started on learning things about the iPhone that you might not have known existed. ...Read More »
Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6) By Heath McKnight Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6), the new version of Apple's 8+ year old operating system, Mac OS X, is an impressive upgrade from Leopard (10.5), which came out in late 2007. While it doesn't sport many new features as in years past, it does feature many "under-the-hood" improvements that make it worth the upgrade. ...Read More »
Verbatim SureFire 500GB Firewire 800/USB 2.0 external hard drive By Joshua Virata In today's world of digital cameras, home movies, music, and all of our other media, storage is everything. Convenience and reliability are two big sellers when it comes to storage, and this is where the Verbatim SureFire line of portable hard drives comes in. Sleek, portable, fast and large capacities are some important aspects to portable drives and the SureFire has all of those aspects. ...Read More »
Lenovo ThinkStation S20 workstation By John Virata The Lenovo ThinkStation S20 is the company's mid range workstation that works well in a variety of creative environments, be it video and special effects creation to CAD and animation. Configured with the right graphics card, the unit will fit well in any creative environment. The S20 is larger than most mid-tower cases, and sports ample room inside for user upgrades. ...Read More »
Use Dropbox to store and share your files online By Heath McKnight I came across Dropbox because I am always looking for an online solution to upload and share video files, music, documents--any type of file that I would want to access remotely. Dropbox is a free program you can download to your Mac, Windows PC, or Linux system, and use it to upload and share all sorts of files with multiple computers you use, or people whom you'd like to share those files with. ...Read More »
Mercury On-The-Go By Ko Maruyama There are tons of reasons to check out this lightweight drive. The OWC Mercury On-The-Go drive is a little powerhouse in your pocket. If you're going to run out an purchase an external drive for your Mac laptop, you already know what you want in a drive: FW 800, USB 2.0 for those other connections you may need to make, and bus powered (no external power supply). ...Read More »
Adesso Wireless Mini Trackball Keyboard By John Virata Notebook computer users often place their notebooks on a stand in an effort to get a better viewing experience. Others don't like to be tethered to their notebook's keyboard and opt for alternative solutions. USB keyboards are often used to good success in this type of workspace, but still others often like the freedom that wireless provides, and this is where the Adesso Wireless Mini Trackball Keyboard comes into play. ...Read More »
Canon 5D MkII DSLR By Robert Jensen In case you haven't heard the news - a few months ago Canon introduced its new 5D Mark II digital SLR camera and it hit the market like the proverbial 600 pound gorilla. Everyone, and I mean everyone, sat up and took notice when they heard the specs. It wasn't just the 21 megapixel sensor it was packing that had everyone drooling at the mouth to get their hands on the camera. ...Read More »
13-inch MacBook Pro By John Virata Over the years, I've had always had access to a Macintosh computer, starting way back with the PowerBook 140, to the dual 450 G4, to a 15-inch MacBook Pro with illuminated keyboard. I used the systems for testing the latest software from Adobe, Apple and others. I've never really became a Mac user, because I have been using Windows computers since 1994 and became used to that OS. But the new MacBooks piqued my interest in part because of their use of aluminum. ...Read More »
Western Digital MyBook Studio Edition II 4TB external hard drive system By John Virata External hard disk drives have the advantage of storing large capacities of data in form factors small enough that you can carry them with you. With devices that capture large amounts of data, such as HD video cameras and high megapixel digital SLR cameras now the norm rather than the exception, all that data has to be stored somewhere. ...Read More »
Paragon NTFS for Mac 7.0 By Joshua Virata One issue between Windows and Macintosh computers is the inability of the Mac to read and write Windows NTFS formatted hard disks. Recently Paragon software released its new revision of NTFS for Mac OS X 7.0, a driver that allows for read/write access to Microsoft Windows NTFS partitions. What NTFS for Mac OS X 7.0 does is give Mac users with Boot camp partitions ( formatted using the Windows NTFS file system) read and write access while in the Mac OS. ...Read More »
IOGEAR GUWAVKIT Wireless Audio/Video Kit By Joshua Virata Ever wanted to connect your laptop PC to your flat panel TV without the cable clutter? What if you could do it wirelessly with no cables running from your computer at all so you can walk freely around a room with your laptop but still have full control of what is on the big screen? Connecting a computer to a TV is either difficult and confusing or not possible for most people because they don't have the cables for it. ...Read More »
Modbook from a MacBook Pro By Ko Maruyama A few years ago, we saw a company called Axiotron out of El Segundo California come up with a Mac tablet which integrated the Wacom tablet technology (similar to the Cintiq) and the Apple MacBook. This is a great solution for those of us who loved to work with software that really took advantage of the stylus. Before the Pro version ships, Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, and Maxon's BodyPaint 3D were among some of the tools I tried out on the current 15-inch ModBook. ...Read More »
Lenovo W700ds mobile workstation By John Virata Lenovo has long been known for innovative notebook computers harking back to the days when it (IBM) came out with the ThinkPad notebook computer. This machine served notice that it was at the top of the heap when it came to design and functionality. The current crop of ThinkPad workstations maintain that innovation as well as some features that could be called obscure, such as the one with the W700ds that I'm reviewing here. ...Read More »
Review: HP Z800 workstation By John Virata Hewlett Packard, one of the most widely respected company's in the history of computing, and a true technology innovator (versus marketer), has blown the whole notion of computer design wide open with the latest version of its Z 800 workstations. The system is unique in that not only does it sport the latest Intel technology; the engineers have created a workstation that is both highly functional yet elegant in its form, inside and out. ...Read More »
Call Box's DVD Studio Pro: Special Edition Training DVD By Heath McKnight DVD creation is still going strong, and two of the best tools to get the most out of your DVD authoring is Call Box's DVD Studio Pro: Special Edition training DVD (for advanced users) and the Xerox CD/DVD Duplicator to help burn and copy those discs. ...Read More »
G-Technology's G-Drive mini SSD 120GB By John Virata When I first reviewed an 8MB flash based USB thumb drive from M-Systems and IBM back in 2001, I was astounded at its durability. I dropped the device, went surf fishing with it and got it wet, and basically abused it until the plastic casing came off and all that was left was the memory module and the USB arm. It still works today, but at 8MB, it has since been replaced by several drives at varying capacities. ...Read More »
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