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Content Insider #424 - Moving Images By Miles Weston We know you think M&E is all fun and games and worse or better (depending on your perspective). But there's a real business with real technology and real people working to deliver the stuff you like/dislike, applaud/jeer, pay for/borrow/ignore. The compact community of folks focus on the details so you can enjoy their creative work. The champions of often opposing views gather annually at the SMPTE conference and give an update on the progress. This year they had a Student Film Festival to get a peak at the next generation of filmmakers and tomorrow will be so bright you'll need sunglasses. ...Read More »
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All in 1000 Ft By Miles Weston It's difficult sometimes to get youngsters interested in STEM (science, Technology, engineering and math) courses and even more difficult kids that come from neighborhoods where violence, drugs and poverty are a part of daily life. But a New Jersey school found a way to make it fun and interesting and all in 1,000 feet -- soapbox derby participation. A team of volunteer independent filmmakers documented the project from beginning to end to help raise funds for future programs and show that good things can happen when young people are motivated. These students learned STEM information without realizing it and their thirst for knowledge continues. ...Read More »
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Drones Filmmaking By Miles Weston Economic, reasonably easy to fly drones combined with light, rugged 4K cameras are making it possible for studios and independent filmmakers to capture/produce films and videos that were financially out of the reach of most people. But budget also needs to include time to learn how to do it right and what is required to avoid disasters and legal action. As with any film project it only works when it's done right. ...Read More »
Ka-boom puts Facilis TerraBlock at heart of Irish tech revolution By Zach Willis Ka-boom is one of Northern Ireland's fastest growing Production and Post Production facilities for TV and Film. Our facility boasts full Avid DS, Avid MC 8, Symphony, Final Cut and Pro Tools 5.1 Dubbing Theatre all centrally connected via 10Gb to its Facilis TerraBlock system alongside Northern Ireland's Largest ADR Stage. We work on a mixture of local and international productions and some of our credits include films such as Philomena, Monuments Men, the BBC's Panorama series, and commercials for Subway and BT and. Alongside its Post Production services, we also provide full production services with an experienced team of production staff. ...Read More »
SSD Speeds Project By Miles Weston Getting your big break in the music and acting industry is usually a long, hard process that requires just the right connections and a fair amount of luck. Sklyer Reed found there was another option - Indiegogo - when she met and connected with cinematographer Cullie Poseria. Together the two mapped out a strategy and plan that would help Reed reach people who were interested in helping her open the door for her singing career. Ms Poseria showed that a quality music video can be produced even with a tight time and money budget. The rest is up to the viewing/listening audience around the globe. ...Read More »
Hack of Security Clearance Data a National Threat By Mark G Graff Two different cyber breaches of the federal Office of Personnel Management were made public last week. The first one - involving, at a minimum, the Social Security numbers of over 4 million past and present federal workers - got the most attention. The second breach will have far more serious long-term implications for U.S. national security: it means the Chinese government may have access to the personal secrets of the very people we rely on to hold China's military ambitions in check. Late last Friday, new reports surfaced about the additional, earlier loss at OPM. According to unnamed Federal officials speaking to the Washington Post and ABC News, Chinese attackers also stole copies of the highly confidential information supplied by anyone who has applied for a U.S. security clearance in the past several years. The national security implications of the second disclosure are staggering, and far-reaching. ...Read More »
Content Insider #394 - Singularity By Miles Weston Sure there are people who are saying that robots and artificial intelligence (AI) will be the end of humankind but what do people like Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking know? After all this stuff is going to be our friend, relieve us of all of the tedious stuff so we can... Robots are already blowing off the tedious jobs and going for the things where you have to think/reason. That means you'll have more time for... Jeez maybe there is something to their concern. But we've gone to far and there's no turning back. You're too hooked on technology like a bad drug until it's too late. Then BAM! ...Read More »
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